CSci 115: Computing and the Internet
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Submitting to Sauron

In this course, you should submit your assignment solutions to me using a system of PHP scripts called Sauron. (In fact, I wrote these scripts over the summer, and this is the first time I've tried it in the classroom, so there may be some bugs....)

Follow these steps to submit your assignment.

  1. Register as a new user at Use your Hendrix e-mail ID (normally last name followed by two initials). Do not use your regular password, as whatever you type will be transmitted unencrypted over the Internet. And don't forget whatever it is you submit.

    Later on, you'll be able to log into your user account on Sauron at

  2. You should now see the main page, titled Submissions to Sauron. If this is your first time to submit an assignment for the course, you will need first to subscribe to the course you are taking. Click on [Subscribe] and click the course you are taking.

  3. Back on the main page, you'll now see the course listed. Click on the course title to see the assignments for which you can submit information.

  4. Click on the assignment to which you want to submit a solution.

  5. This will bring up the assignment page. Before submitting any files, you'll first need to indicate with whom you worked jointly. Note: The other team members will need to register on Sauron before you can submit assignments with them. Once they've registered, type any team members' user IDs on the lines (staying within the constraints of the course assignment), and click Start Submission.

    If somebody else on your team has already submitted the solution to Sauron, with your user ID listed as a teammate, then you have nothing else to do. Still, you can log onto Sauron and view the files that have been submitted on your behalf.

  6. You'll now see a list of several file selection boxes. Click Browse... and select the file on your computer.

    You've probably been editing files remotely using Aptana, and you won't be able to select them here, because they need to be on your computer first. So when you are ready to submit a file, you'll first want to copy each file onto your computer within Aptana's Files tab, by dragging the file under the SFP site into your Z: drive.

    If you have multiple files, you can place them in the other file selection boxes; you'll probably leave most of these boxes empty.

    Once you are done, you can click the Submit Files button.

  7. You should see the new files listed under Currently Submitted Files on the Assignment page. You can click individual files to ensure that Sauron received the file OK; you'll need to click your Browser's Back button to return to the Assignments page.

  8. Log out once you are done by clicking [Log out] at the bottom of the Assignments page or the main page.

  9. If later you decide you want to alter your submission, you can log back in and submit a file with the same name; Sauron will automatically replace the previously submitted file.