CSci 150: Foundations of computer science
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Classroom: MTWF: 11:10a-12:00p, MCRey 315
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Instructor: Dr. Carl Burch
Telephone: 450–1377 (office); 499–9892 (home)
Office: MCRey 310
Office hours: T 8:30–9:30, W 10:00–11:00, RF 1:30–2:30
drop-ins, appointments always welcome

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The schedule of topics will be updated throughout the semester.

Wed 22 Jan defining computer science, algorithms, Python overview
Fri 24 Jan error types
integer variables [Notes]
Mon 27 Jan functions & strings [Notes]
Tue 28 Jan types & I/O [Notes]
Wed 29 Jan for loops [Notes]
Fri 31 Jan lists [Notes]
Mon 3 Feb if statements [Notes]
Tue 4 Feb optional review session (due to weather)
Wed 5 Feb Test 1 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Fri 7 Feb methods [Notes]
Mon 10 Feb no class (business trip)
Tue 11 Feb no class (business trip)
Wed 12 Feb while statements [Notes]
Fri 14 Feb regular expressions [Notes]
Mon 17 Feb nested loops [Notes]
Tue 18 Feb string formatting [Notes]
Wed 19 Feb modules [Notes]
Fri 21 Feb more on ifs [Notes]
Mon 24 Feb break statement [Notes]
Tue 25 Feb optional review session
Wed 26 Feb Test 2 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Fri 28 Feb list methods [Notes]
Mon 3 Mar no class — snow day
Tue 4 Mar binary & ASCII [Notes]
Wed 5 Mar creating functions [Notes]
Fri 7 Mar scope & fruitless functions [Notes]
Mon 10 Mar references & parameters [Notes]
Tue 11 Mar passwords [Notes]
Wed 12 Mar decomposition & clustering [Notes]
Fri 14 Mar dictionaries [Notes]
Mon 17 Mar more with dictionaries [Notes]
Tue 18 Mar optional review session
Wed 19 Mar Test 3 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Fri 21 Mar how dictionaries work [Notes]
22–30 Mar Spring Break
Mon 31 Mar text files [Notes]
Tue 1 Apr binary search
Wed 2 Apr text files & regular expressions [Notes]
Fri 4 Apr no class
Mon 7 Apr no class
Tue 8 Apr selection sort [§1]
Wed 9 Apr recursion on sequences [Notes]
Fri 11 Apr recursion on integers [Notes]
Mon 14 Apr recursion with loops [Notes]
Tue 15 Apr optional review session
Wed 16 Apr Test 4 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Fri 18 Apr test postmortem
tuples [Notes]
Mon 21 Apr string constants and comments
Bonus Quiz [Solutions]
Tue 22 Apr insertion and merge sort [§2–4]
Wed 23 Apr classes [Notes]
Fri 25 Apr class constructors
Mon 28 Apr linked lists [Code]
Tue 29 Apr games [Code]
Wed 30 Apr modifying linked lists [Code]
Thu 1 May Project 1 due
Fri 2 May exceptions
Mon 5 May Project 2 due
Internet [Examples]
Mon 12 May Final, 9:00am [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
15 May–25 Aug Summer Break