Classroom: TR 9:10–10:00, MCRey 317
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Instructor: Dr. Carl Burch
Telephone: 450–1377 (office); 499–9892 (home)
Office: MCRey 310
Office hours: M 10:10–11:00, W 10:10–11:00,
R 1:10–2:00, F 1:30–2:30
drop-ins, appointments always welcome

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The topics will be filled in as the class progresses.

Wed 28 Aug Thread introduction [Notes]
Fri 30 Aug Thread synchronization
Mon 2 Sep Labor Day — no classes
Wed 4 Sep Thread synchronization
Fri 6 Sep Threads & baboons
Mon 9 Sep Semaphores
Hardware instructions
Wed 11 Sep No class (illness)
Fri 13 Sep Assignment 1 due
Peterson's algorithm (no-lock locking)
Thread errors: race conditions, deadlock, livelock, starvation
User-level vs kernel-level threads
Mon 16 Sep Hybrid thread implementation
Scheduling algorithms
Wed 18 Sep Real-life scheduling: I/O, multicore
Fri 20 Sep Test 1 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Mon 23 Sep Test postmortem
Wed 25 Sep Concurrency models [Notes]
D introduction
Fri 27 Sep D concurrency [Notes]
Mon 30 Sep D Web server [Notes]
D Web server threshold, A [Notes]
Wed 2 Oct D Web server threshold, B [Notes]
OSI model [Notes]
Fri 4 Oct Assignment 2 due
No class (student conference)
Mon 7 Oct Ethernet: Physical media
Wed 9 Oct Ethernet: Frames, hubs, switches
Fri 11 Oct Assignment 3 due
IP: addressing
Mon 14 Oct IP: routing & packet header
Wed 16 Oct Test 2 [Review A, Review B, Review C, Solutions]
17—20 Oct Fall Break — no classes
Mon 21 Oct Test 2 postmortem
Wed 23 Oct DNS
Transport layer
Fri 25 Oct Assignment 4 due
TCP delivery assurance
Mon 28 Oct TCP timeout & window size computation
Wed 30 Oct Quiz 2 [Information, Solutions]
Fri 1 Nov Assignment 5 due
Assn 6 overview
Memory-mapped files
Mon 4 Nov TCP open/close protocol
HTTP basics
Wed 6 Nov HTTP performance & SPDY
Fri 8 Nov disk architecture
disk head scheduling algorithms
Mon 11 Nov file system layout
Wed 13 Nov Test 3 [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
Fri 15 Nov Assignment 6 due
test postmortem
Mon 18 Nov flash memory
Wed 20 Nov disk caching & prefetching [Notes]
fsck & logging [Notes]
Fri 22 Nov copy-on-write filesystems: ZFS, brtfs [Notes]
Mon 25 Nov RAID [Notes]
27 Nov–1 Dec Thanksgiving — no classes
Mon 2 Dec categories of security threats [Notes]
symmetric and public-key crytography [Notes]
Wed 4 Dec cryptographic hashing & passwords [Notes]
cryptographic signatures [Notes]
Fri 6 Dec no class — snow day
Mon 9 Dec TLS [Notes]
Tue 17 Dec Final, 9am [Review A, Review B, Solutions]
19 Dec–20 Jan Winter Break — no classes