CSci 490: Computer graphics

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Classroom: TR: 9:45a-11:00a, MCRey 315
Instructor: Dr. Carl Burch
Office: M. C. Reynolds 310
Telephone: 450-1377 (office); 548-6135 (home)
Office hours: MF 10a-11a, TR 1:10p-2p
drop-ins, appointments always welcome


The final (Tests), is at 2:00pm, Friday, May 6. Review questions are now posted for the most recent material. Note that the final will be over all the material during the semester, although there will be some emphasis on recent material.

Project presentations are at the time of the final. Be sure to have something to present! If you're doing a lot of debugging, copy your work into another directory whenever you have something presentable so that your debugging doesn't get you into a state where you have nothing to show.