CSci 160: Problem solving, programming, and computers


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Classroom: Sec 1A, 2A: Days 2, 4, 6: 8:00am-9:10pm, PEngl 238
Sec 3A, 4A: Days 2, 4, 6: 9:40am-10:50pm, PEngl 238
Lab times: Sec 1A: Day 4: 1:00pm-3:50pm, PEngl 212
Sec 2A: Day 3: 1:00pm-3:50pm, PEngl 212
Sec 3A: Day 5: 8:00am-10:50am, PEngl 212
Sec 4A: Day 6: 1:00pm-3:50pm, PEngl 212
Sec 1A: Seth Boyer
Sec 2A: Jill Ryan
Sec 3A: Steve Fahey, Rob Wentz
Sec 4A: Seth Boyer, Jennifer Dommer, Rob Wentz
Instructor: Carl Burch
Office: Peter Engel Science Center 205
Office hours: Day 3: 9:40am-10:50am
Days 2 and 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm
drop-ins and appointments welcome always


Final letter grades have been posted with the registrar, and they are probably now available for you to read. Grades were distributed as follows.

A     12
AB     8
B     11
BC     2
C      4
lower  5
Statistics on the final test scores (out of a possible 85 points):
mean     29.983 (1229.312/41)
stddev   17.353
median   26.562
midrange 13.547-45.422
I added a 50-point curve to these grades.

It's been a joy teaching this class. Have a fulfilling summer!

Evaluations results are available. I'm providing these, not because I think you'll be interested in the actual numbers, but simply as evidence that your time in answering the questions wasn't ignored. The overall conclusion seems to be simply that most students were happy about the course's structure, although some minor tweaks would be welcome.