About Carl Burch

As a computer science professor at Hendrix College, I teach a broad range of undergraduate computer science courses. Aside from teaching, my primary professional activity is with developing open-source software for computer science education. Logisim, for designing and simulating digital circuits, is easily the biggest of these projects.

Personal history
1973I was born — or so I'm told
1978–1991 Grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, graduating from Ponca City Senior High School
1991–1995 Earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Oklahoma
1995–1999 Attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1999–2000 While finishing a PhD, served full-time as a Lasallian Volunteer, administering information technology for a social services agency in the Bronx, New York
2000–2004 Taught at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University in central Minnesota
2004–now Teaching at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas
With my wife Paula and son Thomas (Oct 2013)