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Screen shot of Automaton Simulator 1.2

Automaton Simulator allows you to draw and simulate a variety of theoretical machines, including:

  • deterministic finite automata
  • nondeterministic finite automata
  • deterministic push-down automata
  • Turing machines
The program should run on any platform with Java 1.3. It is available under the GNU Public License.

Download the program!


  • Automaton Simulator is open-source (GPLv2), available at no charge!
  • A simple toolbar interface for drawing and simulating automata.
  • To simulate a string on the automaton, choose the Simulate button (pictured as a green arrow) and type the letters. The states will update as you type.

If you enjoy Automaton Simulator, you might also want to check out Logisim (a similar program for designing and simulating logic circuits), Grammar Editor (for exploring context-free grammars), and Lambda Calculator, demonstrating the lambda calculus.