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Release history

Version 1.2 (15 Oct 2008)

  • Compatibility fix: Modified the way in which mouse clicks translate to pop-up menus, to address an incompatibility problem with some Microsoft Windows installations.

Version 1.1 (14 Nov 2006)

This release is basically a fairly cursory cleanup of the source code, to prepare for releasing the program under the GPL.

I'd welcome proposals to take over developing this software.

  • Feature: Improved cross-platform support slightly: The menu accelerators use the platform-specific modifier, the popup menus appear based on the platform features, and the application name appears properly in the MacOS title bar.
  • Bug fix: The cursor didn't change properly into a crosshair cursor when selecting the add-state tool.

Version 1.0 (16 Dec 2001)

  • Feature: Simulates deterministic push-down automata and Turing machines (in addition to DFAs and NFAs from before).
  • Feature: Animates changes in machine state.
  • Feature: Has text tool for adding text into the drawing area.
  • Feature: Can back up the simulation to previous step using backspace key (or toolbar button with Turing machines).

Version 0.3 (20 Sep 2001)

  • Feature: You can print the automaton.
  • Bug fix: Closing the window closes the application.

Version 0.2

  • Feature: Arcs can be moved around circuit.
  • Feature: Documentation system is more complete.