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Version history

Version 0.1.1 (5 July 2005)

  • Bug fix: Removed the generic parameter to the Token class, which was really excessive anyway, so that the source would compile using Sun's javac. (I had compiled under Eclipse without testing it against Sun's compiler.)

  • Bug fix: Removed an erroneous change to EditorPanel's preferred size.

  • Bug fix: Altered EditorPanel so that the editor inside the the scroll pane is at least as wide as the scroll pane.

  • Bug fix: The line numbers would become messed up when the document was cleared.

  • Feature: DirtyTracker can notify listeners of changes in state.

  • Interface change: TokenizerListeners are stored using normal references rather than weak references, which was really an unnecessarily complex approach in this case, and could lead to bugs in others' code.

Version 0.1 (31 May 2005)

Initial release.

This version is based loosely on Stephen Ostermiller's Syntax Highlighting demonstration, which was also released under the GPL. I ended up rewriting that engine and adding many enhancements to make it suitable for dropping into a larger project I was/am working on.