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I know of three solid sources that provide similar functionality similar to that found here.

Stephen Ostermiller's Syntax Highlighting package
A well-documented example of how to incorporate syntax highlighting into an editor. Written more to illustrate the concept than to be incorporated directly into larger systems, this was the starting point for the com.cburch.editor package. It includes JFlex grammars for several languages that may be useful for adapting to the purposes of my package.

Another brief example of syntax highlighting, coming from Sun in 1998 as an illustration of using the javax.swing.text package's EditorKit facility.

jEdit Syntax Package
The portion of the popular jEdit text editor supporting syntax highlighting. It uses a very different approach in two respects: It is not built on top of Swing's JTextPane component, and it does not use a lexical analyzer like JFlex. Overall, the package places a high premium on efficiency, which comes at the expense of extensibility.