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Grammar Editor Version History

Version 1.2 (27 Sep 2010)

Repackaged to be released under the GNU General Public License (version 2). In the distributed JAR file (basically a ZIP archive), the Java source code is included in the src subdirectory.

Version 1.1b (11 Dec 2003)

  • Feature: Users may now explicitly signify epsilon productions in a grammar by placing a dash ('-') on the right side. They can still implicitly signify epsilon productions by listing nothing on the right side. (Thus, ``A -> a A |'' and ``A -> a A | -'' mean the same thing.)

  • Feature: The parse tree display now explicitly signifies epsilon-productions in the trees, using a half-line terminating in an X.

Version 1.1a (1 Dec 2003)

  • Bug fix: In a rare case, the program encountered a compile-time error while converting a grammar to its own internal form. (Thanks to Megan Kelly for pointing out the problem.)

  • Bug fix: The internationalization file didn't include the string for the Close item of the parse tree window's File menu.

Version 1.1 (1 Sep 2003)

  • Feature: The program now includes an internationalization feature, so that speakers of other languages can translate the program for their use. Although this release does not include any such translations, the translation procedure is described in the documentation.

  • Feature: The parse tree can be exported as a GIF or printed.

Version 1.0 (31 Aug 2003)

Initial release.