The Un-Mouse

Screen shot of Un-Mouse v0.01, released August 2002

The Un-Mouse enables a user to control the cursor without touching any equipment, interfacing instead via a video camera (like a webcam) attached to a computer. The program tracks a user's moving hand, and moves it.

The Un-Mouse is free for your personal use, though you cannot distribute it to others. System requirements:

Install the Un-Mouse!

How it works

The research paper explains the project in detail (and I'll post it real soon now), but it basically works in four steps.

About the authors

The cantTouch(this) team
Top row:Ben Macadangdang, Sera Thornton, Sage Bowser, Dawn Wheeler
Middle row:Carl Burch, Ray He, Jon Martin, Keith Mathers
Bottom row:P Matt Jennings

The Un-Mouse originated as a team research project at the 2002 Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences, an intensive summer science program for talented high school seniors. Supervised by Carl Burch, and led by P Matt Jennings and Keith Mathers, the six students developed the algorithms used by the Un-Mouse and produced the initial program. Carl Burch polished the program up and produced this Web page for release of the software.