Introducing Computer Science in a Summer Science Program

Carl Burch

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I. Introduction
a) Study site (Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences)
b) Typical student schedule

II. Curriculum
a) Goals
b) Topics
c) Assignments

III. Analysis
a) Results
b) Gender equity

Presenter Information

Over the last five summers, the presenter has developed and taught a computer science survey course at PGSS (Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences), a highly selective state-funded residential program for upcoming high school seniors with an interest in science or mathematics. The curriculum has proven quite successful; for example, 15% of the 89 students in the 2001 class rated it among the best courses they have ever taken. The presenter's computer science background includes a Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently a professor of computer science at St John's University, a liberal arts college in Minnesota.

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