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SimHYMN Version History

Version 1.1 (25 Aug 2006)

  • Bug fix: Repaired the bit buttons and the step/run/reset buttons to be compatible with MacOS implementation.
  • Minor feature: For MacOS compatibility, set the property for the application title.

Version 1.0d (3 Feb 2004)

  • Feature: The assembly language editor allows the font to be changed to boldface, which makes reading the larger fonts easier to read (particularly when projected onto a screen).

Version 1.0c (3 Oct 2003)

  • Bug fix: The program does not clear the editor window when it is closed.

  • Bug fix: When the user requests to quit SimHYMN, the program confirms the loss of any changes in the editor.

  • Bug fix: The assembler properly issues errors for programs that don't fit into 30 bytes.

Version 1.0b (26 Sep 2003)

  • Assembly enhancement: The assembler flags redefined labels as errors.

Version 1.0a (25 Sep 2003)

  • Feature: Help system installed.

  • Bug fix: The program frozen when the CPU was waiting for user input in the I/O box and then the user reloaded memory.

Version 1.0 (28 Aug 2003)

Initial release.