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SOCS: Science Of Computing Suite


Written Resources

These written resources constitute the text for a breadth-first survey course. Anybody can feel free to make use of these texts as they see fit. The only restriction is that any usage of it should be distributed with the title page (which includes a copyright notice).

The science of computing

Download the first edition (PDF, 648KB, 114 pages)

A textbook, which begins with a bottom-up survey of computer science (circuits and assembly language) and ends in a survey of computational theory, with a few excursions along the way.

Study questions

Download the first edition (PDF, 160KB, 32 pages)

A variety of study questions about material in The science of computing, with accompanying solutions.

Java supplement

Download the first edition (PDF, 329KB, 64 pages)

A supplement describing procedural programming, using the Java programming language and a drawing package similar to Logo's. The goal of this text is to teach the fundamentals of procedural programming. It does not really teach Java so much as use it as a supplement. (The students for whom it is written would take a full course the next term after this in which they would learn Java.)

Java study questions

Download the first edition (PDF, 184KB, 19 pages)

A variety of study questions about material in the Java supplement, with accompanying solutions.