CSci 151: Foundations of computer science II
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Data & Procedure textbook
Getting started with Eclipse
Java API (alternate site)
Sauron submission system (instructions)


1. Fire! due 5pm, Fri 5 Sep, worth30 pts
2. 732-8773 due 5pm, Fri 12 Sep, worth40 pts
3. Windows due 5pm, Fri 19 Sep, worth30 pts
4. Automatic poet due 5pm, Fri 26 Sep, worth30 pts
5. Maximum product due 5pm, Fri 3 Oct, worth40 pts
6. Mystery sort due 5pm, Fri 10 Oct, worth30 pts
7. Huffman compression due 5pm, Fri 24 Oct, worth40 pts
8. Spamicity due 5pm, Fri 31 Oct, worth30 pts
9. Directory tree due 5pm, Fri 7 Nov, worth30 pts
10. Tasks due 5pm, Fri 14 Nov, worth30 pts
11. Logins due 5pm, Fri 21 Nov, worth30 pts
Project due 9am, Tue 9 Dec, worth150 pts