CSci 230: Tests

Tue 16 Sep, Test 1: Review C, P, R. [Solutions]
Tue 7 Oct, Test 2
Tue 4 Nov, Test 3
Wed 10 Dec, Final

Review questions

Note that review questions are organized by reading; within each review question set, questions are numbered according to the section within the reading to which it is related. For example, question C2.3 is the third question related to section 2 of reading C.

Review C: C for Python programmers
Review P: Pointers in C
Review R: Representing data
Review B: Using bit operators
Review L: Logic & circuits
Review D: Components of digital circuits
Review F: Floating-point representation
Review M: The MINIAC machine
Review A: Introducing ARM assembly language
Review S: ARM subroutines & program stack
Review H: The hierarchy of memory & caches
Review O: Principles of operating systems
Review V: Principles of virtual memory
Review G: Garbage collection
Review E: Efficiently implementing objects