Logisim release history to Version 1.09c

Most recent releases
2.5.0 to 2.6.2
2.2.0 to 2.4.0
2.1.0 to 2.1.8
2.0.0 to 2.0.6
2.0 Beta 1 to 2.0.0
0.3 to 1.09c

Version 1.09c (13 Oct 2003)

  • Feature: Added JK flip-flop component (available by right-clicking the flip-flop tool).

  • Feature: Clicking a flip-flop with the toggle tool toggles the current value stored in the flip-flop.

  • Bug fix: Program mishandled text values in file which ended in a backslash.

  • Maintenance change: Placed classes in SOCS package (consistent with other SOCS software).

Version 1.09 (14 Dec 2002)

  • Bug fix: Clock frequency parameter was saved wrongly in the file.

Version 1.08 (8 Nov 2002)

  • Bug fix: Sometimes the red error wire appeared when two tristate gates were connected, even when one tristate gate was disabled.
  • Bug fix: The wiring tool prevented connecting subcircuit outputs together, even though these outputs could reasonably be produced internally by tristate gates. (The bug was fixed by allowing the connection of subcircuits with a wire.)

Version 1.07 (7 Oct 2002)

  • Feature: The advanced tools include a clock device, not available before.

Version 1.06 (29 Sep 2002)

  • Bug fix: Sometimes labels intended for the east side of a component appeared on the west side.
  • Bug fix: The documentation had confused the D flip-flop output positions.

Version 1.05 (5 Feb 2002)

  • Feature: silently fixes common user error of overshooting an OR gate input.

Version 1.04 (27 Sep 2001)

  • Bug fix: importing a file into a circuit failed to paste main circuit of file.

Version 1.03 (15 Sep 2001)

  • Feature: lighter blue used for unknown values (more distinctive from black)
  • Irritation fix: resizing window did not immediately affect the drawing area.
  • Bug fix: propagation did not correctly identify contradictory inputs into a wire.
  • Bug fix: scrollbar did not appear for circuits larger than drawing area.
  • Bug fix: printing would only print pages according to the drawing area size, not the circuit size.
  • Bug fix: closing the main window with the close button did not terminate the program.

Version 1.02 (11 Sep 2001)

  • Bug fix: copying/deleting wires sometimes deleted or duplicated other wires in the circuit.
  • Irritation fix: opening an empty file accomplished nothing, with no error message.

Version 1.01 (10 Sep 2001)

  • Bug fix: copying wires onto clipboard did not work
  • Bug fix: saving and then loading LEDs/switches in a file could cause infinite loop
  • Irritation fix: component output value persisted after deletion, until another component affects the location

Version 1.0 (27 July 2001)

  • Edit subcircuits in a project
  • Select tool, providing cut/copy/paste/move
  • Right-click on a circuit component to get a menu
  • Switches and LEDS can have labels
  • Labels can have a font
  • Cursor changes according to tool; for adding elements, a ghost follows the cursor
  • Significantly improved efficiency
  • Updated file format

Version 0.3 (April 2001)

  • With the delete tool, you can drag to delete everything within a rectangle.
  • The text tool allows the user to add textual comments and labels to a diagram.
  • A ``Small Gates'' option in the Options menu gives you the ability to draw using smaller three-input gates.
  • Circuits can now include custom chips based on saved Logisim files.
  • An ``Advanced tools'' option in the Options menu gives you access to more advanced components (ie, D flip-flops and custom components).
  • In Windows, you should be able to start the program by double-clicking on the JAR file now. (The Help window has also now been fixed.)