Logisim 2.0.x release history

Most recent releases
2.5.0 to 2.6.2
2.2.0 to 2.4.0
2.1.0 to 2.1.8
2.0.0 to 2.0.6
2.0 Beta 1 to 2.0.0
0.3 to 1.09c

Version 2.0.6 (26 Apr 2006)

  • Bug fix: The RAM component did not work correctly when the "out" input and the clock input were both true/1.

  • Bug fix: In opening a file, nonessential occurrences of unknown tools/components are ignored. This makes files more compatible with old Logisim versions when they don't use features of newer versions.

  • Bug fix: In exporting GIFs, files were not closed once the export was complete.

Version 2.0.5 (4 Apr 2006)

  • Feature: When oscillation error is detected, the points involved in the oscillation (and subcircuits) are indicated in red.

  • Feature: User can select multiple circuits to export as GIFs, and they are all dumped into a directory.

  • Feature: User can select multiple circuits to print on separate pages. Also, user can specify a page header, whether circuits should be rotated a quarter-turn when they fit onto a page better that way, and whether to print using Printer View.

  • Feature: Added the Bit Selector component into the Plexers library.

  • Feature: Command-line option "-nosplash" disables the splash screen on startup.

  • Bug fix: The library documentation of the RAM component was incorrect in its description of some of the inputs.

  • Bug fix: Exported GIFs and printed circuits included extra white space on the upper left corner corresponding to the amount of white space on the circuit.

  • Bug fix: When removing a wire, circuit boundaries were not appropriately updated, so the missing wire continued to affect GIFs and circuit printouts.

Version 2.0.4 (21 Dec 2005)

  • Feature: Pressing arrow keys while adding a component changes the facing attribute for that component (if applicable).

  • Feature: All gate attributes have a new Facing attribute controlling the direction in which they are drawn.

  • Feature: Subcircuits have a new Facing attribute, also. To indicate the direction, their appearance is changed slightly to include a light-gray "notch" on the "north" side of the subcircuit.

  • Feature: In the Logging module's window, the Simulate menu is enabled (corresponding to the circuit state viewed in the main project window).

  • Interface change: The mechanism separating the three main regions (the main canvas from the explorer pane and the attribute pane) is replaced with a new interface that is less visible. This mechanism allows the explorer pane and attribute pane to be hidden entirely.

  • Bug fix: The random noise on component delays was still leading to some improper circuit simulation. Now, the random noise is configured so that it changes the delay by only 3% (rather than 100%), which appears to remove the problem.

  • Bug fix: Made it so that dragging the component whose attributes are being displayed does not remove the display of the corresponding attributes after the drag.

  • Bug fix: Repaired a couple of exceptions that resulted from combining a pin in a subcircuit (which creates a duplicate circuit state) with a Reset of circuit state.

  • Bug fix: Added some avoidance of a bug in Apple's MacOS Java 5.0 implementation where strings were centered incorrectly when the image is magnified (as when changing the Zoom Factor, printing, and exporting to GIFs).

  • Bug fix: In the Logging module, logging to a file would incorrectly log each entry twice if you switched to viewing another circuit and then switched back.

  • Bug fix: The Table tab in the Logging module window stopped repainting properly once the internal log became full.

  • Bug fix: Under the Selection tab in the Logging module window, the Change Radix tab would be incorrectly disabled when the first selection item was selected.

  • Bug fix: The title of the Logging module window changes to corresponding changes in the project title (when the file is saved).

Version 2.0.3 (6 Dec 2005)

  • Feature: Added Logging module, accessible via Logging... option in Simulate menu.

  • Feature: Added Probe component to Base library for permanently viewing the values at location within a circuit. The component acts exactly like an output pin, except that it doesn't appear as a pin when the circuit is used as a subcircuit.

  • Bug fix: Removed a violation of Logisim's Java 1.4 compatibility. (In particular, a StringBuilder object was used in the code for computing the component tips associated with a splitter.)

  • Bug fix: If a wire ended at a component, and then the wire was extended, the extended wire became detached from the component.

  • Bug fix: If a circuit's name is changed, any subcircuits using that circuit retained the old name of the circuit.

Version 2.0.2 (21 Nov 2005)

  • Feature: Added the Simulation tab to the project options, allowing the choice of whether to use random noise in simulation, as well as the choice of how long to wait before giving up on a circuit that may be oscillating.

  • Bug fix: There were propagation errors associated with adding random noise to the delays for subcircuits (I don't myself fully understand why), so subcircuits are now exempted from the random noise.

  • Bug fix: Another potential cause for peculiar simulation behavior was removed. (In particular, if a component were to change its mind about the output it should emit at a particular time, the change would sometimes be ineffective.)

  • Bug fix: When a file is loaded into the window that appears at startup, the Canvas options associated with the file did not immediately take effect.

  • Bug fix: When shortening a wire that was crossing another wire so that it instead creates a T, the crossing now becomes an intersection point between the two wires.

  • Bug fix: This appears to be a MacOS-specific issue: When the control key was down while dragging the mouse, the movements of the mouse were not treated as a regular drag. This was particularly apparent with the Wiring Tool mapped to control-click, where the wire drawn during the drag was not horizontal/vertical (though it still clicked into horizontal/vertical after releasing the mouse).

Version 2.0.1 (1 Nov 2005)

  • Feature: Circuit propagation introduces random noise into component delays. This allows latch circuits (built with two NORs, for example) to settle into a steady state.

  • Bug fix: After clicking the Close Window button for the preferences and options windows, the window would still remain in the Window menu. (Thanks to Dave Cichy for pointing this bug out.)

  • Maintainance change: Removed several classes that were hanging around from previous versions of Logisim, and removed the "public" protection on several classes that were used only within their respective packages.

Version 2.0.0 (31 Oct 2005)

The series of releases starting with 2.0 Beta and ending with 2.0.0, involved a complete rewrite of Logisim from the ground up. Summary of features added since 1.09c.