(The links are to the Web page from the most recent time that I taught the indicated course.)

Hendrix College

CSci 115: Computing and the Internet (S07, F07)
CSci/Phys 135: Robotics exploration studio (F09)
CSci 150: Foundations of computer science (F06, S07, F07, F08, S09, F09, S10, S14)
CSci 151: Data structures (F04, S05, F05, S06, F07, F08)
CSci 230: Computing systems organization (S06, S07, S08, F08, S10, F11, F12, F13, F14)
CSci 280: Algorithms and problem-solving paradigms (S09, F14)
CSci 330: Computer architecture (F06, S13)
CSci 340: Database & Web systems (S06, S08, S10, S12, S14)
CSci 360: Survey of programming languages (F04, F12)
CSci 420: Operating systems & concurrent computing (F13)
CSci 490: Computer graphics (S05)
LbSt 101: Explorations (F09)
Math 240: Discrete mathematics (F05)

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

CSci 150: Introduction to the science of computing (F00, S01, F02, F03)
CSci 160: Problem solving, programming, and computers (F01, S02)
CSci 210: Levels of architecture, languages, and applications (F02, S03, S04)
CSci 217: Programming technique (F02)
CSci 276: Artificial intelligence (Jan 01)
CSci 340: Programming languages (S01, S03)
CSci 341: Compiler theory (S01)
CSci 350: Operating systems (F01)
Core 100: First-year symposium (F03)
Core 101: First-year symposium (S04)